Q.Purchased Bed Bug Kit for 4 rooms and we are getting ready to eradicate the bed bugs over the weekend. Is there a specific order as to the product applications- any suggestions as to the order of applying the products in a safe manner.
A.The first and most common type of insecticide that is used is an aerosol spray. Aerosol sprays or ready to use sprays do not require any mixing and is usually applied to intimate areas like furniture. The most common aerosol spray that is used to kill bed bugs is a spray called Bedlam Bed Bug Spray. Aerosols have a short residual time, therefore it must be applied once a week. It is applied on areas like bed frame, in between the mattress and box spring, on chair frames, on the lining of couch cushions and underneath the couch and bed. Our kits also may include two different types of liquid concentrates that must be diluted with water and sprayed onto surfaces with a sprayer. The first is a product called Gentrol IGR. IGR stands for insect growth regulator and although it does not have a killing effect, it controls bed bugs by regulating their physical development so that they are unable to mature and reproduce. The second type of liquid concentrate is the killing agent. This may be Suspend SC, Cyzmic CS, Lambdastar 9.7 or FenvaStar concentrate. The killing agent and IGR can be mixed in the same gallon of water. Concentrates are applied to areas like the baseboard or the immediate areas around furniture. They have residual times of about 3-4 months indoors and so it only needs to be applied once every 3 months. *For both aerosol sprays and concentrates, all treated areas must be completely dry before re-entry. To detect if it is dry or not, you may use gloves and a paper towel to gently press on treated areas to check for dampness. The last type of product that is included in our bed bug kits are the dust products. Dust products are ready to use and do not have to be diluted in water. They are applied in hard to reach and inaccessible areas like the wall voids, behind and under furniture or areas like behind hanging picture frames and under lamps. Some of the dusts that are included in our bed bug kits are the Alpine dust or the Evergreen dust. Dusts have the longest residual time and can be applied once every 5 months.
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