Q.I've used Cynoff WP for years with great results. What do suggest we switch to now that we have hardwood floors? The white residue is my problem. Thanks
I tried a Bayer product whose primary ingredients are Sodium O Phenylphenate and B Cyfluthrin. Something about this product causes us to cough
A.I am not sure what product you used that is making you cough, but if you are looking for a cyfluthrin insecticide that is not a wet-able powder, we recommend Cy-Kick insecticide. Indoors, it is only labeled for baseboards, behind and under furniture, window frames, and door frames. We only carry one product that is labeled for indoor broadcast application and that product is Zenprox, however, it does not made of a cyfluthrin active ingredient. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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