Q.I have a wood backed mirror that is made of 1x6 material and is painted on both sides. Instead of sanding the piece and treating with a liquid treatment. Would placing it in a large plastic bag with Nuvan Pro Strips for 2-3 weeks do the job. If not will I have to sand both sides of the frame for liquid treatment or just one side.
A.Nuvan Pro strips list out beetles as a target pest but it does not specifically list powder post beetles as a target pest. Nuvan Pro Strips will only work if the plastic bag is airtight. It cannot be open at all or the vapor will leak out and not only will the treatment be ineffective, but it will also be potentially harmful. If you choose to do the liquid treatment, you do not have to sand down both sides to the mirror. Only one side really needs to be sanded down. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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