Q.looking at the kit for roaches, I do not need a sprayer, can I buy just the chemicals in the kit? aslo: I live in a mobil home and have a massive infestation of roaches, turn the lights out and the counters turn black with them, we have sprayed, bombed and used over the counter jells repeatedly for the last 4 years trying to get rid of them how do we find the nesting sites to erradicate the problem? we had a professional come in and evaluate the house, he says we have to leave home for a day so he can fog and apply jells but the cost is enormous, but he tells us the white roaches are an indication of billions of roaches... any truth in that?
we find roaches that are totally white they look identical in body shape as any other roach except they are albino (totally white) I would like to know what products you would recomend and at what intervals they need to be applied to get rid of the nasty things. we didnt have them when we moved in, we think they came home from the grocery store in potatoes
A.All the chemicals in the roach control kit can be purchased separately. White cockroaches are actually not albino or mutated roaches. They are simply in the beginning stages of the molting process. When they first shed their exoskeleton, they appear white but after a few hours, the new exoskeleton will begin to darken and they will appear like regular roaches. If you are seeing white roaches, it is very possible that you do have a large infestation. It is large enough for them to be pushed out of the wall void and foraging for food in the open. Over the counter products may be effective for a short while, but we do not believe they will be effective in eradication. You can purchase bug bombs yourself like the Speckoz Fogger and use those to do a clean out, then apply residual insecticides. The following link will show you where to apply the insecticides and will suggest certain products to use: http://www.pestmall.com/PDF/maxforce_Cockroach_Solution_Guide.pdf All treated areas must be avoided until it has completely dried. That may require you to leave the house for some time. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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