Q.I have powder post beetles in some bentwood-style patio chairs and a palm wood patio shade structure. The palm "palapa" has been varnished and I just applied a wood stain/protector to the chairs unfortunately. The Palm infestation is an ongoing problem and I'm more concerned with treating the chairs at this time. It looks like only 2 or 3 chairs have the holes and powder on them so i don't think I need a lot of a product right now but i mentioned the Palapa shade also because if you recommend something that only comes in a large container, I could probably use it later. I was going to order the small bag of Timbor , but would Boracare be better for my application? Thanks
A.Depending how thick the chairs are, is what product you want to use. Timbor only penetrates 1/4 inch, where as Boracare can penetrate throughout the wood. When using these products, if there is a finishing on the chairs, you want to make sure to sand it down before applying the product. Timbor may leave a white powdery residue.
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