Q.How do I get rid of bees in my lawn?
I have bees swarming in/on my lawn. I don't see any nest but they seem to be dying. They are not flying. They seem to be "struggling" in the grass and then dying on my driveway. Will they eventually die off or do I need to do something to get rid of them?
A.If you have treated the perimeter of the house with a spray, then it will be affected by the active ingredient and eventually die. We recommend using instant knock-down jet spray. We have three available for purchase. They include PT Wasp Freeze Aerosol, Stingray Wasp and Hornet Jet Spray, and Nisus Fireback Wasp and Hornet Jet Spray. You can also treat around the perimeter of the house and do a regular pest control maintenance with a product like Talstar Pro or Suspend SC, which are concentrate products and must be diluted in water and sprayed with a pump sprayer. Suspend SC can also be sprayed on surfaces of the exterior of the house as well as ornamental plants. Neither of these products can be sprayed around fruit trees or vegetable gardens. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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