Q.we have flies that are attracted to heat
we bought a house and now are having to deal with this problem, large flies are everywhere and attracted to the side of our house when it warms up they appear to be coming out of the eves and roof area. We are told they can hibernate and reappear. What is the best thing to use I feel they are probley between the roof joist I can bomb the attic but will it penetrate the eves. Please help this is so disgusting.
A.We are not sure if they are flies or if they are flying bugs. You must be able to identify the pest before we can recommend a product to use. Identification of the pest before chemical treatment is beneficial for you in that you will save money in using the right product and it is also better for the environment. We recommend taking a sample to your local entomologist or to a professional pest control company that will be able to identify the pest. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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