Q.Horses and No See Um
I have horses and we live in Westcliffe Colorado, Southern Colorado. Every Spring/late Fall one of my horses breaks out all over his body from No See Um bites. My other two horses react to these bites on their sheths, ears and under their jaws. What I can do to in this kind of situation with in the barn? I do not want to use any harsh chemicals not only because of the effects on myself but my horses, barn cats, dogs and the wild life and other insects? My vet recommended putting Citrinella on the horses, which I will try this spring but I would also love to know if there is something else that I can do? Thank you so much for any information you can offer.
A.Unfortunately, we do not have any products that have no see ums on the product label and especially for areas around animals. We apologize that we are not able to better assist you. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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