Q.Thousands of earwigs on our property - 50 coming into our home EVERY NIGHT. YUCK!!!
Please help! We live in a rural area, our 3/4-acre plot of land is not landscaped. We live in a desert climate - hot & dry. We find the earwigs all over our property, close to our home, and inside our home. I don't know where they're finding much moisture - we don't have irrigation for our property, and we go for months without a drop of rain. I do recognize that they are always hiding under objects - we move one of our child's toys or a rock and hundreds of earwigs will scurry away. We have had professional pest control services, but still had disturbing amounts of earwigs indoors and shocking amounts of earwigs outside. What products would you recommend? We have a HUGE problem, and need something STRONG. Granules to spread out in a perimeter around our home a barrier to spray outside our home other??? THANK YOU!!!
A.We recommend Bifen LP for a granule product to use on the yard area and a liquid spray like Talstar or Cy-Kick CS to spray on the entire perimeter of the structure.
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