Has this year been a particularly bad year for ticks? We have had our dog for 16 years, and starting in early winter have been battling ticks and they are in our house now! It was NEVER a problem before and we always have done the monthly tick treatments with Advantix! We are now alternating frontline with the advantix and our vet said we can use every 2 weeks intead of 4. We have shaved her and she wears a tick collar as well.and used an extermintor to the tune of 1000 dollars and still have seed ticks appearing at different areas in the home.. What more can we do? What is THE BEST thing to spray in the yard?
A.We recommend Demand CS for ticks with the addition of Archer IGR. You should spray this around the perimeter of the yard as well as the exterior perimeter of the house. We also recommend using Bifen Granules or Talstar Granules on the lawn.
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