Q.Using Termidor SC against Rasberry Crazy Ants
We live south of Houston and are having terrible issues with the Rasberry Crazy Ant. There was a document released from Texas A&M that stated the EPA has approved the use of Fipronil for these ants. I was wondering (and cannot seem to find it anywhere so far) what precautions do we have to take for pets in areas that will be sprayed? We would be spraying around the outside of our mobile home as well as areas underneath the skirting and on a ground cover of artificial turf that our motorcycles sit on. We just spent over $250 to repair wiring in one of the bikes due to ant damage. If I can prevent them from getting to the bikes and into the house, I am happy! Thank you!
A.You can use Termidor SC as a surface spray for ants. In fact, although it is a top rated termite control product, it is also a top rated ant control product. Pets cannot come in contact with the treated area until after the treated area has completely dried and overly frequent contact with the treated area may potentially harm your pets.
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