Q.multiple species infestation problem
I have American, German, and Oriental roach species infesting my home. I've tried several products-the roaches just seem to come out, check out the product, and go home. I see more roaches everytime I use any product. I need roach baits that are effective against all three. Which of the bait products would be most effective? Are their formulations stronger than those seen in the average home depot?
A.We recommend the Dupont Advion Roach Bait that has a higher percentage of the active ingredient in the products found at a local hardware store. It can be applied indoors. Outdoors though, we recommend a contact kill insecticide like Cy-Kick CS. This is a concentrated product that must be diluted in water before application. You should apply the spray around the entire perimeter of the house including the entire base of the structure as well as window and door frames. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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