Q.Wasp/yellow jacket extermination
I am going on my 3rd season of dealing with wasp/yellow jacket (unsure exactly, but they are black and yellow)problem. They are somehow gaining access to my home. We have two dogs/doggie door and in 2 seasons it started with a nest being built above our back door (above doggie door) on the soffit board of our 2 story home. We removed the nest and sprayed it. 2 weeks later more were present in our home. We walked exterior of home and observed them flying around fireplace so we started a fire and they left. We also found some a nest in the entry porch of our home and treated. We are unsure if these are isolated nests or if they have built a nest somewhere in attic and traveling down into the home. Most exterminator services are telling us there is no preventative treatment for this they can only removed nests as found (which we are already doing on an ongoing basis).Im wondering if it is possible to apply drione dust to attic space and around exterior surfaces to resolve this issue.
A.We do not believe that there is an extended "base" nest and that these are most likely new nests that are being built. There is no real way to prevent them from nesting, but you can apply a residual contact insecticide that comes in a form of either a liquid concentrate that must be mixed and sprayed like Suspend SC or a wet-able powder that is mixed with water and sprayed like Demon WP. In the attic, you can apply a dust product, but insecticides in isolated areas like the attic for wasp or bee control is really only effective if you are able to locate a nest and treat the nest directly. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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