Q.the glue traps only caught two babies the adult managed to get off the glue trap and damaged my ac ducts and tore off insulation. I want to know the best solution and or method to rid my attic of these destructive creatures. I started with a live trap then i went to a wk in mouse trap and then the glue trap. But there was a lot of activity up there after I discarded the first glue traps then I put out two more.
A.The first step in getting rid of roof rats is always to inspect and locate the greatest sources of activity so you have a general idea of where to bait and trap them. If you can, you want to seal and block any entry points as much as possible as a preventative measure. As you know, trapping is preferred for indoor treatment. This will allow you to know whether the rat is killed and you can dispose of it yourself and prevent odor issues. Some traps we carry are the Trapper T-Rex Snap Traps and the Victor traps. The second option is using bait poisons. This will attract and kill the rodents as they ingest them. You want to make sure fresh bait is available so that they will continue to be attracted to them. Some bait poisons we carry are the Contrac Blox and Fastrac Blox. Keep in mind that treatment outdoors will ultimately prevent indoor infestations.
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