Q.Best solution for extreme carpenter bee problem
I have been trying for numerous years to end the endless onslaught of carpenter bees. I live in a log cabin in the woods making nearly impossible to keep up with them. I have used the kit with liquid spray on pesticide, and drione dust with puffer multiple times over past 8-9 yrs which initially reduces their activity but never eliminates them. It is impossible to reach all the holes since they are higher than extension ladder can even come close to especially on side with walkout basement. (25-30') Could this be why I can't eliminate them? They are literally making Swiss cheese out of my house & there are so many of them at times, I even resorted to keeping a badminton racket to smack them at front & back doors! What spray on is most potent & longest lasting?
A.Sorry to hear about your carpenter bee problem. Try Demand CS, it's a micro-encapsulated insecticide so it has a very long residual effect. I would try setting carpenter bee traps around that area.
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