i've found termite eaten wood but no termites? have they gone? do they just die? i've removed all the rotten wood and replaced it with pressure treated wood and sprayed it with termidor. is this the right way to use the product? i used it with the trenching method on the outside of the house also . but i want to treat the interior walls also so what do i use? can i spray termidor in the wall? also i found termite tubes going nowhere up the wall and no termites in them. is this normal?
A.Termidor can be used as a pretreatment for wooden surfaces which will be enclosed inside the walls. It is possible the termites may have left the area, but trenching is still recommended to prevent future re-infestations. If you see old mud tubes, I would scrape them off and spray an insecticide on top of the surface (Termidor can be used as well as long as the mud tubes are not indoors).
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