Q.How can transport mikron, drione dust and bedlam spray be used to combat bed bugs?
If transport is sprayed on base boards/ corners of carpet, is it okay to dust the cracks/corners, under carpet with drione or would that cancel any effects? Also, since transport mikron can be used on the seams of mattresses and sofas, is there an chemical interaction between bedlam spray and transport mikron that I should be worried about?
A.It is best not to mix the chemical sprays in the same area. We recommend you apply the liquid concentrates such as the Transport Mikron along base boards/ cracks and crevices. The dust should be applied to crack and crevices that the liquid spray cannot be applied to such as electrical sockets and behind cluttered areas with lots of wiring. Because dust forms carry a longer residual, some people prefer using dust in hard to reach areas or areas where people will not come into direct contact with often. This is because dust comes in a loose form, therefore limiting the application to undisturbed areas reduces the amount of floating dust particles in the air which could be inhaled. Because Transport is a long residual insecticide it would be best to use a product like bedlam on the beds and sofas.
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