Q.I have ants which destroy my lawn and I would use INTICE on it to get rid of them and give my lawn a chance to grow back all green.At the moment it's an ugly yellowish brown patchy colour. however I have two kids and I would like them still to be able to use the lawn. Would that be possible or do I need to keep my children indoors? Also, if they play on the lawn will they not be subjected to the particles and could they not stick to heir clothes, hair etc and then they would bring the chemicals into the house. Etc. How safe is this product when objected to?
A.Baits are not usually used as broad cast treatment. Instead it is recommended for use as spot treatment in areas where you are seeing the ants forage or near their mounds. Because the product is applied in small spots it should not be a problem to occupy the lawn following the application of the baits. If you are much concerned about the loose particles of the baits we would recommend the use of a liquid insecticide so that it may dry on the surface. After application of the liquid insecticide we recommending waiting 24 hours before reoccupying the area to allow thorough dry time.
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