Q.What can I use to get rid of big dark roaches?
Last year I noticed some big light brown roaches in my garage. I put out some baits and gel and it didn't see any roaches, until now. The other day when I was walking into my garage, I saw a big black roach run across my garage. I want to say it was about an inch long. Since I'm going to be replacing my house floors, I need to move my furniture into my garage and I'm afraid that they will nest in my furniture and when I move my furniture back into my house, I will bring the roaches into my house. What can I do so that this won't happen?
A.Larger roaches are usually outdoor roaches and are occasionally seen indoors searching for food. Therefore you should not have to worry about them nesting indoors. You can try leaving the furniture out in the sun for a while before moving it back indoors. However if one does end up tagging along indoors, it is highly doubtful that one wood roach will begin an infestation indoors.
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