Q.What kind of product should I buy?
About a year ago, I noticed some big light brown roaches in my garage. I applied bait gel around my garage and it seemed to have helped. But a couple of weeks ago, I have seen one or two big dark brown/ black roaches in my garage. I have also killed 2 in my kitchen this past week. What kind of roach could it be this time and what can I apply to get rid of them? I'm going to be installing new floors soon and will need to move my furniture in the garage. And I wouldn't want the roaches to get in my furniture. I also have a 10-month old niece who crawls around in my house too, and I need something safe for her.
A.If the roaches you saw in your kitchen and the roaches you saw in the garages are different color/sizes they are most likely two different types of roaches. Fortunately you can use the same method of treatment for both types of roaches. The larger roaches are wood roaches and do not nest indoors. The few times you will see them indoors would be if they were foraging around for food. However the small brown roaches in the kitchen are most likely german roaches. German roaches nest indoors and can multiply in large numbers if the infestation gets out of hand. We would recommend Maxforce FC Magnum. This will help you knock down any roach problems you have. This bait can be applied in areas unreachable by your niece such as in elevated areas like the counter or near the dishwasher and refrigerator. German roaches are likely going to nest near a heat/water source so applying the gels underneath the sink, along the water pipes would also be an ideal place for bait placement.
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