Q.will this get rid of moths that seem to like lighting and get in through windows?
At night I open my windows to get the cool, crisp Colorado air. That also means I get these moths in May & come in for weeks.. This product comes out in a foam, so can I use it around the window sills and the edges of my screens?? Does it disappear with time or sun's heat?? I have used several (home remedies) & sprays to no avail. What's the best product to use for large (non-pantry & non-closet moths)??? Seems as though their only purpose is to keep warm around lamps/lighting and God forbid, laying eggs!! Thanks so much!!!
A.This product is labeled for moths so you can use it in areas around the window sills and the edges of your screens. This product does contain a residual time so it will last for several weeks.
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