Q.I do hard work in a field constantly infested with yellow jackets/ground bees. Have been stung many times, once with serious reaction. I need reliable protection, but something cool (humid, 90-degree days common). Which would be better, the lightweight or the vented? Also, I generally wear boots and heavy-duty Carhart pants (haven't been stung through them yet, but that may be just luck). Would just a jacket be okay, or do I need a full suit. (Affordability is also a consideration.) Finally, any recommendations re round-hat or hood? Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
A.with humid 90-degree days we would definitely recommend the vented bee suits. Heavy duty pants can be reliable in most cases to prevent bee stings. This may be an exception when working with aggressive bees or when there is a loose opening large enough for the bees to get inside the clothes. If the heavy duty pants have been working for you, the vented jacket might work for you. However you must be very careful to make sure there are no possible holes the bees can use to enter inside the pants. Bee suits are generally designed to prevent this from happening with elastic bands around the wrist and ankle areas. Round hood or fencing hood goes down to individual preference but it seems that the fencing hood style has become very popular among the bee keeping community.
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