Q.Where to drill and inject foam?
We found termites coming out of a few holes around our wood window. They were also kicking out wood particles from a hole there. How do I know how extensive it is? There are no signs of them in the attic. Should I just drill holes every foot or so within a 3 foot distance of where they've been discovered and put in the foam? Or should I open up some test holes in the drywall to see if it's more extensive? I could rip down the entire wall just to find there's nothing but a tiny infestation within a few inches of where they've kicked out the wood particles...
A.We would recommend starting out by just injecting the foam into the wall void area. If you stop seeing signs of wood being kicked out, then the chances of having stopped the infestation is most likely. However if you are continuing to see activity then it would be best to open up the wall to check the severity of the infestation.
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