Q.Spider Infestation
We have had a long (several years) run of spiders on my property inside and out. At night I can shine a light and see all the spiders eyes and I try to stomp them all (not very successful). Inside I see them coming in. I have used Demand CS before and have had positive results. Is there something better that I should be using? We also use local pest control but nothing is getting rid of them. They are in the attic too as I have pulled back insulation and observed them. Suggestions? Many thanks!!!
A.Yikes, that doesn't sound good! Sorry to hear about the massive spider infestation that you are having to deal with. Demand CS is a microencapsulated pesticide which is excellent for spider control as you have already experienced. We do have a product called Onslaught Fastcap which is designed for spider and scorpion treatment. Other than that product Demand CS is definitely a go to product for spider treatment. Good luck!
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