Quikstrike Fly Abatement Strip -1 Box /2 Strips

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The QuikStrike Fly Abatement Strip (QuikStrike) contains a unique active ingredient that controls nuisance flies through ingestion. The active ingredient is contained in a sugar-based matrix that flies find irresistible. Flies will land on the station and begin exploring the surface. Once the flies locate the sugar, they will begin feeding. Shortly after feeding, the flies will begin to die.

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Quikstrike Fly Abatement Strip

QuikStrike may be placed at locations where flies are a problem. For optimum results, place the station low to the ground, flies generally forage for food close to the ground. Flies seen at higher locations are resting and not actively seeking food. Bait stations placed in rafters or areas higher than 4 feet will not be as effective. Place the bait station on a stationary object. Do not allow the bait station to blow in the wind, as flies will not land on moving objects. Affix the station using suitable adhesive that will keep the station in place for the duration of the product's life. The station may be placed at any angle but is most effective when placed on a flat surface. In areas of low to moderate infestations, the station will provide control, but control may be less apparent. The fly bait station contains a triple action fly attractant that, when activated, will attract flies to the area.

Target Pest(s): Flies
Manufactured By: Zoecon
Active Ingredient: Nithiazine - 1.0%
Size: 1 Box (2 Strips)
Yield/Application: 1 strip covers 100 to 300 sq.ft.
Examples of placement locations are: garbage chutes, dumpsters, loading docks, waste containers, grease pits, rest areas, outdoor re s t room facilities, in and a round stables, dairy barns, milking parlors, loafing sheds, kennels, poultry houses, aviaries, swine houses, feedlots, refuse and recycling facilities, around commercial food-handling facilities, restaurants, bars, groceries, stores, and other facilities where house flies are a nuisance.

QuikStrike should be protected from moisture and direct sunlight, when possible. Excessive moisture will reduce the residual life of QuikStrike. QuikStrike can be attached to dumpsters, refuse bins, garbage chutes, poles, feed bunks, walls, fences, and other surfaces out of the reach of children and animals. QuikStrike is most effective against house flies (Musca domestica) and the lesser house fly (Fannia culicularis). The active ingredient is contained in a sugar-based matrix that is the yellow portion of the fly bait station. QuikStrike can be used in a variety of areas .


It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with the labeling. In enclosed structures or sites with low to moderate house fly populations, use 1 strip per 300 sq. ft. In open structures or sites with high house fly populations, use 1 strip per 100 - 150 sq.ft. Ventilation will not diminish QUIKSTRIKE's effectiveness since it works by fly feeding action.

1. Remove the QuikStrike strip from the protective pouch. Handle by grasping corner tabs.
2. There are 2 attractant containers on either end of the strip. Crush 1 attractant container at time of application. Wait at least 3-4 weeks and crush second attractant container. At the same time, reverse the strip if it has been applied to a flat surface to reveal the unexposed side to flies. Note - these attractants have a strong odor.
3. For best results, hang or affix device close to fly forage areas out of reach of children and animals. Place strip close to the ground in areas that are inaccessible to children and animals. Avoid placement of strip in locations higher than 4 feet above the ground.
4. Do not place where daily activity will get strips wet.
5. Replace when effectiveness diminishes.

Please refer to the product label above for more information.

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