Cahaba Snake Trap -Large

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Easily trap and get rid of snakes with the Cahaba Snake Trap. It is a large trap that is made of commercial grade plastic and unlike similar snake traps that are made of a heavy duty cardboard, it is highly durable and long-lasting, even in outdoor environments. Easily change out the glue board that is inserted inside the trap. The trap is large enough to catch snakes but will also catch insects as well as other animals like rodents or even lizards.

Cahaba Snake Trap -Large

The Cahaba Snake Trap is a trap that is unlike standard snake traps that utilize heavy duty cardboard which can deteriorate over time. This trap is made of a commercial grade plastic that withstands the elements, making this trap durable enough for outdoor use.

Each trap comes with a glueboard insert that can easily be replaced after you have caught a snake. Use the Cahaba Snake Trap in a variety of areas including indoor locations, garage, flower beds, crawlspaces, and etc. Not only will the Cahaba Snake Trap catch snakes, but it is effective in catching lizards, rodents, insects, spiders, and more.

Target Pest(S): Snakes, lizards, and rodents
Manufactured By: Cahaba Snake Trap
Size: 32 in. x 9.5 in. x 2.5 in

Why is the Cahaba Snake Trap effective?

Snakes will naturally look for a place to hide and wait as they look out for prey. The Cahaba Snake Trap is a tight place that is hidden and an ideal place for snakes to hide. As they slide into the trap, they are caught on the glue board that is placed inside.

Cahaba Snake Trap vs. Other Snake Traps

The Cahaba Snake Trap is a superior snake trap that is not like traps that are similar to it on the market. Many other standard snake traps are made with a heavy duty cardboard where the glue is already applied to the board.

You can look at the board like a large-scale mouse glue trap. Although effective, it only allows for just one use. Moreover, with strong winds or heavy precipitation, the cardboard may breakdown and may no longer be sturdy enough to stand in place.

The Cahaba Snake Trap is made of a commercial grade plastic that houses a glue board. The plastic is water resistent, which means that it can be used in normally damp locations like basements or crawlspaces and can even withstand rainfall. Unlike other similar traps, the Cahaba Snake Trap is reusable, because the glue board inside the trap can easily be removed and replaced with Cahaba Snake Trap Replacement Glue Insert.

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Q. does it come with just one glue board??
A.  Yes, this is just one large glue board for snakes.
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