Termidor DRY Applicator (Not for Sale to: NY)

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Termidor DRY Applicator is the tool that is used to apply Termidor DRY. It is made to be used with the ready-to-use 5-gram Termidor DRY Vials for precision application into any termite gallery, carton, shelter tube, nests, or voids. Termidor DRY will kill both drywood and subterranean termites and their colonies.

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Termidor DRY Applicator

Termidor DRY Applicator is a tool that is made to be used with the ready-to-use 5-gram vials of Termidor DRY. Simply, screw just one 5-gram vial of Termidor DRY into the applicator tool and it is ready to be applied into termite galleries, shelter tubes, cartons, nests, and voids. With just one vial of Termidor DRY, you will be able to treat around 3 average size homes, depending on the level of the termite infestation. Just three compressions of the Termidor DRY Applicator tool will dispense 0.1g of Termidor DRY with precision.

Target Pest(s): Subterranean and drywood termites
Manufactured By: BASF
Noy for sale to: NY, AK

Application Procedures

- Drill a pilot hole to inject the Termidor DRY into termite galleries
- The pilot hole should be just large enough in diameter to secure a tight fit and to avoid the "blow back" of Termidor DRY. The size of the hole is about 1/8".
- USING THE EXTENSION: The extension allows the placement of a nozzle in awkward or hard to reach areas. It also helps to prevent cavitation by allows the Termidor DRY Applicator to be held in the upright position.
- The clear tube extension is attached by twisting the extension onto the brass collar of the dispenser. Remember to make sure that the extension hose does not become obstructed and does not kink up or coil.
- Just 3 puffs of the Termidor DRY Applicator will dispense 0.1g of the product.
- Position the collar of the dispenser tip or the tip of the extension tube into the pilot or kick-out hole and apply slight pressure at the tip so that you can apply Termidor DRY while minimizing "blow-back" effects.

READ product label for complete instructions of using Termidor DRY and Termidor DRY Applicator tool.

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