Terro-PCO Liquid Ant Bait Stations

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Terro-PCO is a super-sweet attractant instantly attracts ants, within minutes. Terro- PCO controls and kills all common household ants and their colonies. Terro PCO has the ability to mess up the target pest metabolism when consumed. When ingesting Terro-PCO, the target pest is unable to extract nutrition from its food and effectively starves to death. One bait will give you both the luring and elimination affect.

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Terro-PCO Liquid Ant Bait Stations

Terro-PCO is the #1 selling liquid ant bait in the U.S. Its super-sweet attractant instantly attracts ants, which flock to it in minutes. It controls and kills all common household ants and their colonies. Its super-sweet bait may lure ants quickly, but Terro-PCO's ultimate effect on target pests comes from the way the boron molecules in its active ingredient interfere with a pest's metabolism. Because pests cannot excrete excess boron as humans and other organisms can, the boron builds up in their systems and ultimately interrupts the normal chemical process of transforming food into energy. So, by ingesting Terro-PCO, the insect is unable to extract nutrition from its food and effectively starves to death. Humans, pets and other living things don't share the risk because they are able to excrete excess boron from their bodies.

Target Pest(s): Argentine ants, Ghost ants, Cornfield ants, Pavement ants, Acrobat ants, White-footed ants, Little black ants, Odorous house ants, Crazy ants, Big-headed ants and other sweet-eating ants.
Manufactured By: Nisus
Active Ingredient: Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (Borax) - 5.40%
Size: 30 sations per box
Advantages of Terro-PCO Liquid Ant Bait Stations:

Controls and kills all common household ants and their colonies.
Argentine, ghost, cornfield, pavement, acrobat, white-footed, little black, odorous house, crazy, big-headed and other sweet-eating ants.
Ultra-sweet attractant lures ants quickly & customers can see it working.
Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Easy to use, and available in convenient snip-and-place bait stations as well as 16-oz. and 1-gallon containers.
No unpleasant odors.
Can be diluted with water to 1% and 2% solution of active ingredient to increase volume for large infestations.
Effective green pesticide for use in a Green Pest Management program.

For Use and around: Homes, Hospitals, Restaurants, Apartments, Grocery Stores, Institutional Buildings, Schools, Cafeterias, Warehouses, Storage Areas, Food Processing Plants, Mobile Homes, Boats, Military Bases, Theaters, Nursing Homes and on Military, Commercial and Cruise Ships.

*Do not use in DO NOT USE in edible product areas of food handling establishments, restaurants or other areas where food is commercially prepared or processed. Do not use in serving areas while food is exposed. Avoid contamination of feed and foodstuffs. Place bait in areas inaccessible to children and pets.


For roach gel: Application rate is dependent on level of infestation and species to be controlled. Bait can be applied as spots or as a bead in cracks and crevices. The lower application rate should be used for low to moderate infestations or re-treatments, and the higher rate for more severe infestations or where the population occurs in inaccessible areas, such as in walls. Gel placements should be at or near harborages or aggregation areas, such as corner, areas of movement or cracks and crevices. Numerous small placements will provide faster control than few larger spots, especially for German cockroach control.

How to use:

Terro-PCO Liquid Ant Bait now comes as an easy-to-use, pre-filled liquid ant bait. Ants will enter, feed and return to the nest where they will pass on the Terro-PCO Liquid Ant Bait to the rest of the colony.

1. Break pre-filled baits apart from the plastic frame.
2. Hold bait upright and cut off orange-colored section.
3. Place baits, label side up, near ant trails or close to where ants are numerous. Place additional baits anywhere ants may enter the home. For best results, use seven baits to ensure sufficient supply for the ants.
4. Monitor regularly for activity but do not interfere with the ants or baits. Replace with additional baits when first set is depleted.
5. Once ants are controlled, replace baits every three months to keep ants from returning.

Please refer to and follow the directions on the Terro-PCO Liquid Ant Bait Stations product label.

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Q. I spilled some of the sticky stuff from the bait station on the carpet. What should I use to clean it up. Mineral spirits are still leaving a sticky mess.?
A.  The borate mineral that the active ingredient is made from is a more natural ingredient and so it is safe. Since the bait is made of a sugar water base, it is fairly easy to take out of the carpet. Use soap and water to clean the carpet.
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Q. How do I clean it off of bathroom tile once it has dried??
A.  This product can be cleaned off surfaces fairly easily. Consider using regular household cleaning products to clean the surface. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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