Uncapping Fork Tool

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One of the tools that you will need when you are ready to harvest honey is the uncapping fork tool. The fork tool is used to open the honey cells so that the honey will flow out much easier. This uncapping tool is made of a sturdy, brightly colored plastic that has been molded so that it is easy to grip.

Uncapping Fork Tool

When you are ready to harvest the honey from the frames, use a uncapping fork tool. The uncapping fork tool is essential in harvesting honey because it is used to open up with the honey cells so that the honey will flow out of the cells much easier during the extraction process. The uncapping forks are designed with a molded plastic so that the grip is comfortable and sturdy. The sharp tines on the uncapping tool are used to scratch off or lift off the wax from the supers and because the tines are small, it will get the corners of the frames where a knife will not reach.

Use: harvesting honey

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