Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap - 1 Trap

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Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap

Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap - 1 Trap

The Victor Corner Cat Multiple Catch Mouse Trap features an innovative new design that allows you to place the trap in corners where mice like to hide and travel. It is tamper-resistant and made of durable plastic with two entrances so that mice can enter the trap from both sides. The trap can also be placed along walls for equal effectiveness. Includes all of the features and performance you come to expect from Victor's professional line of Tin Cat Mouse Traps.

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Q. my dog ate some victor corner cat mouse trap?
A.  The Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap has actually been a discontinued item. Since it is not a bait station and does not contain any rodent poison I would assume that there would be no reason for it to harm your dog. If you see any signs of sickness or anything out of the ordinary, you may want to try calling your local veterinarian for a check up.
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